Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss Reality

Tanisha Thomas weight loss secret revealed

Tanisha Thomas weight loss

You must have seen before and after pictures of many people. Many of you call it body transformation. But, in reality, mostly, people fake it to sell their Weight-Loss product. Obese people try 100s of products, recipes, diets, etc to look slim or I should say fit. After trying almost every tip, losing weight becomes a dream. Don’t you think so?

But, let me tell you about an amazing TV personality who made her dream come true. People used to know her as one of the baddest girls in the world of TV serials, also famous as the co-host of Crazy Talk. She is Tanisha Thomas. She is best known for her appearance on the second season of the reality television series Bad Girls Club. It was very hard for Tanisha to lose weight as well as fun.
Tanisha’s doctors put her on a high-protein liquid diet for three months. Sound easy? Tanisha warns that it may not suit everyone so she suggests consulting a doctor.
“The weight loss was really simple for me… I had a few slip-ups in there, you know wine, sangria, champagne, you know, but once I got that out of my system I started to see the weight drop. Within the first week, I lost 12 pounds. That was all the motivation I needed.” said Tanisha.
Tanisha thomas weight loss

Tanisha Thomas weight loss diet

So how did she do it? let’s see Tanisha Thomas weight loss diet. Tanisha’s doctors decided to put her on High Protein liquid diet for three months. Also, they did now allow straw to be used to drink. She was supposed to sip and drink her meal. 3 months is too much time and it is difficult to stay on protein diet only. But at the end of the first week, she had lost about 12 pounds. Amazing start! With such good results, she got motivation, and then she did not stop.

Weight loss diet simplified

Her diet consists of 6 tiny meals per day. It was liquified food. She had to sip the liquified protein diet slowly. She was also allowed to sip on a drink which is caffeine-free, sugar-free, non-carbonated.

Tanisha also cheated sometimes by drinking wine which was not allowed in a weight loss diet. 

Three meals should be fat-free condensed cream soup and well strained, one scoop of protein powder, plain soya milk, blended low-fat sweetened yogurt, plain low-fat Greek yogurt. Then another three meals should be protein supplements. The serving size has to be around eight ounces of liquid.

Tanisha can take fluids like water, tea, broth, sugar-free gelatin, fruit propel.
You must have heard about John Goodman’s weight loss journey, where he lost 100 pounds weight. That was really a motivation.

Tanisha Thomas’s weight loss prescription had only a high Protein liquid diet. She did not have to resort to any tablet or weight loss surgery. 

What is Tanisha Thomas doing now?

Tanisha Thomas and Natalie Nunn were fighting online, they nominally talked about the potential of having a whole reunion season. Tanisha made a post saying Natalie told her she’s “a good girl now and it does not sell.” And the fight continued for some time. Thomas has been on “Tanisha Gets Married,” “Marriage Boot Camp,” and “Crazy Talk.” She also hosted a TV show Tanisha the Diva in 2016. Thomas wrote a book titled “Diary of a F.A.T (Fed up and Tired) Girl,” which was published in 2016.  Thomas left “Bad Girls Club” to focus on her first child, born in 2018.

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